DIY Gift Wrapping Weave Accents

DIY Gift Wrapping Weave Accents


Here’s an economical way to wrap your gifts for the holiday! In our commitment to circularity, we share with you creative ways to spruce up your gifts with unique flower bows and ribbons using our scrap weaves to give it your personal crafty touch.

Get your scrap weaves and get creative!

Fabric Scraps

Fabrics come in varying cuts, colours, and type of fabrics.



What You'll Need

How to Make Flowers made out of Scrap Fabrics

How to Make Ribbons made out of Scrap Fabrics

DIY Kit #1 Execution

What You’ll Need:

  • Brown Paper/Wrapping Paper - (size depends on your gift)
    Note: You can also use old magazine paper or newspaper if you want.
  • Scissors
  • Clear Tape
  • 5”x50” Scrap Fabric - For Ribbons (adjustable, measurements depends on your gift)
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Fabric Glue / Hot Glue Gun
  • 3”X28” Scrap Fabric - For Flowers
  • Thread and Needle

How to Make Flowers made out of Scrap Fabrics:

    1. Cut a 3”x28” (width x length) piece of scrap fabric and fold it in half.
  • After folding the fabric in half, iron it in place so the folds stay as you work on the fabric later. It will also create an interesting effect on the flowers once it is rolled.

    1.  Do a running stitch on the fabric and gather it accordingly by slightly pulling it until they create a ruffle effect. Make sure that the folds are even and there is no stretch out fabric left after gathering it. 

    2. Secure the fabric in place by creating a knot at the end of it so it doesn't unravel. Then even out the gathers.
    3. Now that you have the gathered fabric in place, create a triangle fold at the end of the fabric where the knot was created. Then take some fabric glue or hot glue and paste the folded triangle in the corner. Press the fabric to hold it down. 

    4. Then put another fabric/hot glue on top of the folded triangle and start folding it inwards.

    5.  Start rolling the fabric inwards. To make sure that it is secure, apply fabric/hot glue everytime you turn it. While rolling the fabric, it should look something like this.

    6. Just keep rolling on top of the gathers and apply glue as you turn it. Hold it firmly, make sure that the glue is dry and adhering properly. 

    7. Once you reach the end, you can fold it under, depending on how much you can see the fabric. 

    8. Turn it upside down and press it down so it sticks well. You can cut out a felt underneath if you want but you can also opt for cutting the excess threads to make it all even at the bottom. 

    9. And now your flower made out of scrap fabrics is ready for decoration. 


    How to Make Ribbons made out of Scrap Fabrics:

    1. Cut a 5”x50” (adjustable according to gift size) piece of scrap fabric and fold it in half lengthwise.

    2.  After folding the fabric in half, iron it in place.

    3. If you have a sewing machine, you can do a running stitch in the folded ends of the fabric to close it. If you don't have one, you can opt to close the ends together by applying fabric glue to both inner sides of the fabric and press it properly to avoid wrinkles.

    4. There you have it, a ribbon made out of scrap fabrics. The width and length of the ribbon can be adjusted according to your liking. 

    PRO TIP: Feel free to experiment and combine two kinds of scrap fabric to create the ribbon. Just adjust the length of two fabrics to half the desired length of ribbon in order to combine them. You can combine them by stitching it together in the middle or by using fabric glue to the overlapped ends of both fabrics. 

    DIY Kit #1 Execution:

    1. Wrap the selected gift using brown paper (can be kraft paper or manila paper).

    2. After the gift is wrapped, take your ribbon and tie it depending on the style you want to create. 

    3. Once the ribbon is tied around the gift securely, place the scrap fabric flowers on the middle of the gift specifically on top of the ribbon. 

    4. Using a glue gun/ fabric glue, secure the flowers in place.

    5. Now you have your finished product, you can choose to add a greeting card for a more personalized touch.



    These simple things to add your personality to your gifts are not only ingenious but also a way to promote circularity and sustainability.

    We hope you had fun making these fabric scrap ribbons and flowers. Share your completed projects and designs with us by tagging us on @anthillfabric and use the #ProudWeaveCrafter #ProudWeaveWearer

    Fabric Scraps

    Fabrics come in varying cuts, colours, and type of fabrics.


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